AnyLogic Conference 2014

Join us at the 2014 AnyLogic conference in San Francisco on November 12th – 13th where we will present the latest techniques to get agents to act within geospatial maps.

What you will learn:

Marriage of agents and GIS shapefiles: How to make your agents love GIS.

Until recently, it was difficult to get agents to interact on a spatial map. AnyLogic provided the ability to import GIS shapefiles, but these were constrained solely to static background images.

With AnyLogic 7.1, new features were added to make agents live in Google maps (or Bing or
OSM). However, if you are bound to using the industry standard of shapefiles, you still need
your agents to actually interact with shapefile features.

In this talk, you will learn how this can be achieved programmatically. It is possible to access the
details of shapefiles within AnyLogic. Each point and path object within any shapefile can be
loaded into AnyLogic and used by your agents. This allows trucks to drive along roads, aircraft
to fly along flight routes or animals to wander to food spots.

This talk includes real examples from research and commercial work, including maritime search-
and-rescue efforts in the English Channel, harbour intelligence improvements at the Port of
Rotterdam and policing operations in Kent (UK).

By the end, you will have an idea how to exploit the power of shapefiles and get your agents to
interact with your maps.