asset management masterclass with Dr Penny Byrnes

Co-founders Liz Archibald and Kate Swatridge enjoyed an inspiring address by asset management pioneer Dr Penny Byrnes, at IET London, on July 2.

Arranged by AMCL (Asset Management Consultancy Ltd), the asset management masterclass looked at the history of asset management, dating back to when Penny first used the term in 1984.

The Australian gave a thorough insight into asset management at present and the future, explaining that she believes asset managers do not do modelling or statistics very well at the moment and need to add those disciplines to their strategy.

The masterclass was followed by networking drinks and Kate and Liz took the opportunity to chat with Penny.

“I was really inspired by the breadth and depth of Penny’s knowledge,” says Kate. “It was good to speak to her afterwards and hear how supportive she was of our plans to create a modelling and stats training course especially for asset managers.

“She said the course was something she would attend and promote if we were ever to run one in Australia – so that’s something to aim for!”