decisionLab excited to unveil its asset risk model

decisionLab director Liz Archibald spent an illuminating three days at the Institute of Asset Management Conference in Exeter.

Always the IAM’s flagship event, this year’s conference focused on getting support and understanding of the importance of asset management from the relevant stakeholders.

The conference was also the perfect platform to officially launch decisionLab’s Asset Risk Model, a flexible and user-friendly tool designed to enable asset managers to quantify the risk associated with different strategies.

“There was a very real need for a tool that enables managers to determine and test risk-based asset management strategies and that is just what the Asset Risk Model does.

“After a lot of hard work, it’s really exciting to finally be able to tell people about what we have created and how it can help them to make qualified decisions about how to manage their assets,” says Liz.

Drop us a line to find out more about the Asset Risk Model or to discuss how it could benefit you.