flexible decision support

borrow our expertise or grow your own

decisionLab problem solvers are commercial, pragmatic and as adept at seeing the big picture across an entire industry as exposing otherwise overlooked details which can determine the accuracy of a model.

Expert consultants in our individual disciplines, we are exceptional in our complete adherence to the principles of process consultancy and our collaborative and people-focused approach to problem solving.  With our flexible decision support you can

  • cover a specific skills gap from the services described left
  • enlist our collaborative simulation and optimisation gurus to share skills with your dedicated OR team
  • engage our people-friendly implementation expert to identify and appropriate available resource and expertise from across your organisation
  • confidently outsource your entire operational research project to decisionLab

And, however you choose to work with us, our combination of process consultation and expert consultants means you’ll benefit from

The mindset and skills required for operational management can be very different from those required to scope a decision-support project.

decisionLab problem solvers work closely with your operational team to benefit from their expertise but offer an independent, objective perspective which may include questioning your questions and (diplomatically) challenging entrenched beliefs.

Applying the principles of process consultation, we collaborate with you to establish a comprehensive, fact-based understanding of your current situation, before recommending the appropriate combination of analytics and modelling techniques to meet clearly defined objectives, in keeping with your mission, values and vision.

We will then combine expert consultation, to help deliver these techniques, with ongoing process consultation, to transfer knowledge and develop the skills of your in-house team.

We collaborate on evidence-based solutions and share expertise to support better decision-making.

We believe that great communications are the bedrock of successful projects. And we know that not all analysts are keen communicators.

decisionLab’s people-friendly problem solvers are as comfortable working alongside functional teams as we are engaging stakeholders, from CEO down, with compelling propositions.

Our dedication to process consultation means we are especially good at working with teams right across your organisation: to secure buy-in across all divisions; to understand the multiple facets of your problem from a range of perspectives; to capture potentially unforeseen impacts of a solution by seeking wider involvement; to eradicate duplication of activity and identify knowledge gaps to make the most effective use of your available resources; to identify and develop the problem solving ability of your decision-makers, to enable them to meet new challenges and conditions as your situation evolves.

We understand the importance of engaging your people to secure the success of your project and create a better organisation for the future.