analytics audit & bootcamp

making the most of what you have

Whether you have a dedicated operational research team or independent analysts assigned to specific functions within your organisation, there may be opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your current resources, models and analytics.

Our problem solvers often find in-house analysts frustrated by the time and effort required simply to extract data and manage complex inputs, while pushing models to perform far beyond their original purpose.

These daily challenges can make it difficult for your analysts to take the time to review and objectively evaluate their activity, and they may not fully understand how the insight they deliver is, or could be, applied. All of which can be compounded by separate business units unwittingly duplicating activity or failing to recognise gaps in knowledge.

A decisionLab audit can expose opportunities for the generation of greater knowledge from the data available in your enterprise applications and business software, as well as identify priorities to improve functional and strategic efficiency.  Our analytics boot camp can help your in-house team to put these priorities into action.

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