the asset risk model

helping asset managers to predict ‘what if?’

The decisionLab asset risk model is a flexible software tool that allows you to exploit your asset data to determine a robust, evidence-based asset management plan.

While the majority of Enterprise Asset Management systems record & report ‘what is’ to help with short-term operational planning & scheduling; our model enables you to ask ‘what if?’.

Using the tool, you can now easily apply established statistical distributions to your asset data in order to:

  • simulate asset ageing and deterioration
  • forecast future asset health and criticality
  • see the short, medium & long term impact of a policy or plan on service levels and business risk.

Decision-makers have used the tool to find the best plan for a fixed budget; ascertain the budget required to maintain a population at their chosen risk level; and establish the best mix of replacement, refurbishment and maintenance.

Drop us a line to discuss how you can use the decisionLab asset risk model to determine the best overall plan or policy to meet your risk or financial criteria.