great response to modelling and economics training course

decisionLab received 100 per cent positive feedback after delivering  its first Optimisation Modelling & Economics for Managers course.

In partnership with RPS Group, decisionLab developed the training programme, which is specifically aimed at planners for the Environment Agency who need to understand and scrutinise water company investment plans which are based on sophisticated optimisation models.

The environmental scientists, planners and engineers were refreshed on some economic fundamentals before getting to grips with the finer points of how optimisation works and how it is applied in their domain.

Many delegates had never seen an optimisation model for themselves, and so they enjoyed the hands-on aspects of playing with the demonstration model. By the end of course they were even enthusiastically debating the pros and cons of various modelling approaches!

decisionLab offers a range of similar courses to non-modellers across a range of sectors as well as tailoring courses to meet your specific requirements.  Contact us today to find out more.