our problem solvers

creative, collaborative, commercial

Committed to process consultation, while remaining genuinely expert consultants, the co-founders of decisionLab take pride in ensuring that the knowledge and skills we share with you are state-of-the-art.

Our client relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. We seek out knowledge and expertise in your organisation and share our experience of tried and tested techniques and best practice, to create new insight and identify new opportunities for your business.

Our culture of collaboration extends to every one of our analysts and support staff, as well as our network of trusted partners. And the same culture underpins our focus on stakeholder engagement, which we know can make or break a project.

Meet our co-founders

We’re interested in hearing about any OR problem and generous with our input, so now you know who you’ll be talking to, get in touch to share your challenge, exchange insight and explore ideas.

Liz Archibald
optimisation expert

most likely to spot the flaw in a plan

Liz is responsible for identifying the best of all possible solutions to meet your specified objectives, in line with your mission, values and vision

Starting out as an operational research analyst with Royal Mail in the eighties, Liz is a highly respected OR consultant who has worked with some of the UK’s most recognisable institutions across the utilities, financial, postal and public sectors. Liz has a reputation for tenaciously returning to problems to refine a solution.

David Buxton
simulation expert

most likely to predict the future

David is responsible for accurately replicating your business system to provide a risk-free environment in which to test your strategic, tactical and operational business decisions

Working with engineers and operations managers, marketing and insight teams and academic institutions, David helps clients to apply analytics and advanced modelling and simulation techniques to support strategic decision making. David has a special interest in the potential of Agent-Based Simulation, which takes into account individual behaviours, to deliver competitive advantage.