We take pride in ensuring that the knowledge and skills we share with you are state-of-the-art

Our size and the nature of our consultancy style offers a progressive approach to problem solving and project management, that larger agencies may struggle to offer. Our values are based on being a trusted advisor, driving the success of our clients. Our agile approach to project management ensures we are flexible, responsive and perfectly placed to serve a gap in your in-house knowledge and resources. This facilitates a more personal service, closer relationships and fast response to any issues or changes along the way.

Our structure allows individuals to grow, develop, learn and lead; creating a company culture that motivates the team and maintains a productive and enjoyable environment to work in. Our clients recognise how this, alongside the authentic blend of specialist skills and innovation, is what makes decisionLab different. Not only do our people have unique knowledge of trends and pioneering research in both our focus sectors, and the techniques we use, but they bring a diverse creativity to the table. Among them are former teachers, scientists, parents, aircraft geeks, photographers, biking fanatics, linguists, travellers, athletes and movie buffs.

A great group of people trying to help solve interesting problems that actually makes a difference.


Adday Heller

Adday is a consultant at decisionLab, with a background in Pure Mathematics. She graduated from the University of Warwick in 2019. Adday also has a keen interest in languages,

having completed the Erasmus programme at the Technical University of Berlin and studied German, Portuguese and Spanish throughout the course of her degree. Adday is currently working with the Optimisation team, and will be moving between teams to experience the wide range of work undertaken at decisionLab.
In her spare time, Adday enjoys travelling, cooking, and any sort of sport (but mainly running).

Alex Rogers
Data Science Consultant

Alex is a consultant within the Data Science team, having completed a summer internship with the company. Since being part of the team, she has developed an interest in creating machine learning pipelines and acquiring front-end development skills.

Outside of the office, Alex loves sport, travelling and her guinea pig Spicy.

Caitlin Worden Hodge

Caitlin is a Consultant within the Mathematical Modelling and Optimisation team. Caitlin joined decisionLab after completing her EngD thesis on modelling wave energy converters as part of the IDCORE program. Her initial master’s degree is in Aerospace and Aerothermal engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Caitlin loves a challenge and learning new skills both inside and outside of work. Most recently she has taken up golf but also enjoys swimming, playing squash and tag rugby and skiing.
Chris Smith-Clarke

Chris Smith-Clarke
Principal Data Scientist
Head of Data Science Team

Chris heads up the data science team, working across the full spectrum of data science, from requirements gathering and data exploration, through to building production ready machine learning pipelines and innovative applications of reinforcement learning. Chris helps ensure we extract maximum value from data and build robust and reliable predictive models.

Cristina Morariu
Senior Data Science Associate

Christina is a senior data scientist with >2 years’ experience in designing & deploying custom production-ready Machine Learning (ML) solutions.

She has led the deployment of full-stack ML projects both as lead developer and product owner. Christina is also a PhD candidate at the VISUS department of University of Stuttgart where she develops ML for automatic design. In her free time, she enjoys photography and illustration.
Dave Buxton

David Buxton
Co-Founder & Managing Director

David co-founded decisionLab 2011 and is now a MD. Although the decision sciences landscape has evolved rapidly over this time, his mission remains the same: to help our clients grow their business through more effective decision making.

Prior to founding decisionLab, David was involved in Simulation Model Development, including researching innovative applications of Agent Based Modelling to practical applications. He’s also worked closely with The AnyLogic Company to advise and support the evolution of their leading technology. And he still retains his passion for Simulation as a decision support approach!
Outside of work David is keen on his sports – currently loving road biking, mountain biking and running. Although he also likes to think he can play a bit of golf, tennis and squash. Unfortunately, he’s recently found out he’s rubbish at surfing – something he finds quite upsetting! Dave drives a T5 camper which is definitely close to his heart!

Deborah Lentle

Debbie joined decisionLab as a graduate after studying Mathematics and Operational Research. Since joining the team, she has worked on a variety of exciting projects including modelling cyber threats, and asset operation and management.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing netball in a local league.

Dom Weldon
Principal Software Engineer
Head of Production Team

Dom Weldon is a Principal Software Engineer and Head of decisionLab’s Production Team. Dom’s team works with data scientists and consultants to develop models and turn them into production ready tools.

Dom came to decisionLab from his PhD studies in Computational Geography at King’s College London, his initial degree and masters are from the University of Cambridge, in Natural Sciences and Geographical Research. Dom loves all things code, and is most recently exploring the world of Rust.

Devika Kaul

Devika’s academic background includes degrees in physics and environmental modelling, which gave her a good understanding of fundamental modelling and optimisation principles. She has worked on a variety of interesting projects, including modelling river catchment hydrology,

developing an indoor environmental sensor network and a dissertation project on tree branching structure. She enjoys using the knowledge she gained to work on a range of practical applications.

Despoina Moschou

Despoina is a consultant within the Mathematical Modelling & Optimisation team. She holds an M.Sc in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and has an extensive research experience in the area of investment modelling and supply chain optimisation for personalised medicinal products.

Gordon Squire
Senior Consultant

Gordon is an experienced Data Scientist. His experience includes machine learning applied to Asset Fault Forecasting, Asset Investment Optimisation, and Simulation for operational improvement.

Gordon is a keen cyclist, traveller and aspiring mountaineer.
Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths
Chief Executive Officer

Ian is Chief Strategist at decisionLab. As well as heading up the Asset Management Business Unit and the Aerospace, Defence and Security Business Unit, he is focusing on ways of helping the business develop, and getting stuck into technical work when time allows.

Ian likes cooking fiendishly complex recipes for 5 hours and devouring the results in 5 minutes, and he has just started training for a marathon.

James Adamson
Principal Simulation Modeller Head of Simulation Team

James is an experienced operational research consultant and mathematical modeler, specialising in mathematical optimisation and agent-based and discrete-event simulation.

Application have included asset management, investment optimisation and scheduling, predicting cyber-attacks, and simulating operation and maintenance processes of assets. James has led projects for some of our major clients, including Babcock International, Canals & River Trust, dstl, and South-East Water. Within these he has designed and implemented models as well as integrated them into usable software tools.

Kelvin Yeung

Kelvin is a consultant with an extensive background in Rail. He worked on major rail infrastructure projects as a system, track and simulation engineer.

He has experience in applying advanced modelling techniques for Rail Operations and Planning and led the rail depots internal flow projects.
In his spare time, Kelvin likes to play a bit of piano, a bit of tennis, a bit of volleyball, a bit of basketball, a bit of gardening, a bit of everything really…

Mike Chester
Principal Associate

Mike was previously decisionLab’s Chief Data Scientist, and now operates as an associate consultant. Mike has 20 years’ experience across Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Qatar Airways and the RAF.

He is a Chartered Engineer (MRAeS) Project Management Professional (PMI), and certified Product Manager; specialised in maintenance, supply chain management, prognostics development and product development. He is highly focused to lever good systems engineering techniques to support innovation in new data driven solutions. He is expert at Decision Science, and Analytical Engineering. He has an MPhil, Systems Analysis of Geophysical Systems, Swansea University 2015; BEng (Hons), Aeronautical Engineering, Glyndwr University, 2007.

Panagiotis Samartzis
Senior Data Scientist

Panagiotis employs Machine Learning as well as Optimisation techniques to solve operational problems in a variety of sectors, such as Utilities, Water, Aerospace and others.

He holds a Diploma (M.Eng. equivalent) in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens as well as an M.Sc. in Operational Research from Lancaster University.
He particularly enjoys the friendly yet professional atmosphere of decisionLab, and if he is not travelling or meeting out with friends in his spare time, he is reading a book or watching a movie.

Peter Riley

Peter is a simulation modeler with a background in Mathematics and has experience with a range of BI tools. He has worked on projects across various industries, including pharmaceutical, food, and defence.

In his spare time, Peter can be found playing the trombone or losing money (but gaining knowledge) on pub quiz machines.

Polina Encheva
Office Coordinator

Polina wishes to identify as a cerebral social scientist one day and is now part of the Business Support Team at decisionLab. She is helping for the smooth running of our London office, and also contributes to some of the business development activities across departments.

Sumitra Sri Bhashyam
Principle Optimisation modeller Head of Optimisation Team

As a decision analyst, she has academic and professional experience in supporting decision making with conflicting objectives and multiple stakeholders, and large and difficult to quantify uncertainties.

Before joining decisionLab, Sumitra worked at Evidera where she designed and implemented stated patient preference surveys to support the assessment of the benefits and risks of drugs and devices. She worked the London School of Economics’ Health and Social Care department, where she participated on the development and implementation of an MCDA – based decision support system to allocate resources to LMIC. She also worked for Decision Consulting Limited designing and devel oping methods for key government agencies and taught on various courses in Management Science at the LSE for several years. Sumitra obtained her PhD from the LSE, investigating modelling terrorist decision making for counter – terrorism purposes using MCDA and system dynamics.
In her spare time, she is photographer, with keen penchant for astro – photography when the British weather will allow it!
Vitor Lemos

Vitor Lemos
OR Modeller
Senior Associate

Vitor is our Simulation Modeller, who has experience in applying advanced modelling techniques to capture business process so that valuable intelligence can be ascertained.

Vitor is passionate about travelling and surfing.