Project Description


Siemens Aeroderivative Gas Turbines


To develop an Agent Based Turbine Operation and Maintenance (ATOM) model to allow Siemens to evaluate various investment options enabling more confident business decisions with lower risk.


ATOM will provide Siemens with a holistic view of the operating system and the drivers of performance. In today’s world of highly complex inter-connected systems this is incredibly important.

ATOM’s first use case will be the Industrial Trent 60 Gas Turbine.  The gas turbine is the most advanced aeroderivative gas turbine available today outperforming for both fuel economy and cost saving.

The development of ATOM will allow Siemens to understand the performance of the product of the supporting MRO supply chain. Identifying the best opportunities to improve availability benefitting both Siemens and their customers.


“We were seeking a partner with the appropriate knowledge to hit the ground running on this project and who shared our vision for how modelling can improve our business in the long term. It’s great to be working with decisionLab.”

Duncan Allan, Head of Engineering, Siemens Aeroderivative Gas Turbines